Why has Google Search gotten so bad?

· Dev Purandare

Why has Google search gotten so bad?

In this article are will explore why Google search has gotten so bad. When people need to look something up, they use a search engine to look it up. Google was founded in the year 1998. Yet in recent times you may have noticed how top results are low quality articles with a lot of repetition.

Why Google search has gotten so bad: Google search uses its page rank algorithm to rank pages in your searches. That’s why Google has the ability to deliver thousands of results in less than a second.

Google Search Basics: Search engines like Google rank pages on keywords and relevant domain research, this has given rise to search engine optimization techniques which can boost a page that meets certain characteristics

Is search engine optimization why Google search has gotten so bad? Search engine optimization makes many pages game this ranking system, trying to go up in the rankings, frequently repeating a phrase or having related phrases is a part of it

Has Google search gotten worse in recent years? You may have observed that Google searches in the recent years have pushed up lower quality pages to the top. This is due to search engine optimization by these website, trying to get clicks for advertisements.

Unable to get useful results on Google search? Search engine optimization means that you may be unable to get useful results on Google search. This is caused by the page rank algorithm, which looks for certain features, and can be made to prefer certain pages over others